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Installation Company: Pyronix Two Way Wireless Benefits
Real time Signal Strength Indicators on both panel and accessories:Reducing installation time and therefore installation cost.
The Enforcer wireless bus allows to set up the sensitivity of all wireless accessories remotely via the UDL software:Reducing cost of system maintenance since device sensitivity changes can be done remotely.
Dual antenna technology at the wireless hub end is used to reduce "dead spots", as there is a flexible choice of which antenna to use when transmitting and receiving wireless messages:"Dead spots" can move around over time as well as when objects are moved such as cabinets, desks, and people. This technology ensures a wireless system that remains stable over a long period of time.
The receiver has a very high sensitivity, resulting in a far superior wireless range (1.6km) when compared with other wireless systems on the market:Enables repeater-free installation which reduces installation time and cost.
The system is able to show the wireless devices status in real time locally via the keypad or remotely via the UDL software:Easy and simple way for system diagnostic saving installation time and maintenance cost.