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How does the Enforcer compare to other wireless systems?Developed by Pyronix, the Enforcer uses a high security two-way wireless protocol designed to bring to you a very high level of wireless security. All wireless devices on the system are talking between themselves using this highly protected protocol and all of them know the system status at any time ensuring your security and protection.

In comparison, most of the wireless products currently available use a simple, barely protected single way wireless protocol. Because the system is single way, the accessories on such a system communicate only in one direction, and are not able to know the status of the system. That poses a major security problem. These kind of systems are no match to a wired system, from a protection point of view, and should be called comfort rather than security systems.
Can I feel secure that I am protected by my wireless system?The Enforcer protection can be only compared to that offered by high security wired systems as used for protection of small bank branches and shops.
Can my wireless system be hacked?The Enforcer uses 128 bit encryption of the wireless protocol. This is the same type of protection used to protect credit card details when purchasing goods on-line. Therefore it impossible for hackers to break the Enforcer code and disable the system without your permission.
Can my wireless system be masked?The Enforcer uses advanced jamming detection protocol, developed by Pyronix, to stop accidental and malicious attempts to mask or disrupt the system.
How long does it take to install?The Enforcer uses a new and unique two way wireless technology that will allow your installer to reduce installation time significantly when compared with the installation of both wired and other wireless systems alike.
Will there be any disruption?The Enforcer is a fully wireless system and disruption created during installation time is minimal.