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High security for the user: Pyronix Two Way Wireless Benefits
Each wireless device on the system is both a transmitter and receiver. Messages such as alarm, tamper, arm/disarm, faults and supervisions are KNOWN to have reached the panel and wireless accessories.If a message is known to have reached the destination, there is no need to transmit each message more than once preserving battery power and reducing wireless communication traffic.
128 bit wireless protocol encryption ensures effective anti-code grabbing and multiple attempts at message delivery protection.Very high level of protection of the wireless bus ensuring peace of mind for both users and installers.
Intelligent antenna hopping technology.For every message the hub will pick the antenna that gives the highest chance of getting through to the peripheral.
Advanced jamming detection with frequency hopping technology.Used to stop accidental and malicious attempts to disrupt the system.
Two way wireless keyfob with indication of Arm / Disarm, Alarm and Faults.Easy and simple to use with visual indication of the system status.