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Alarm Receiving Centre: Pyronix Two Way Wireless Benefits
All wireless devices know when the system is armed and disarmed.This is a very efficient method to save battery power while retaining max security.
Armed: All detectors are permanently awake. Making the protection much more secure.
Alarm: Enforcer does not use the conventional battery save methods where detectors sleep after each activation for up to 5min. As a result of this, under alarm conditions, each activation of the movement detectors is transmitted to the ARC, as is done on a wired system. Since the detectors are not disabled for several minutes after activations the Alarm Receiving Centre will be able to follow the movement of the intruders just as would happen in a wired system, allowing operators to make easier decision about the action to take.
Disarmed: The detection component of the movement detectors is disabled while continuing the two-way supervision messages. Battery power preservation while retaining maximum security protection.
Double knock feature on each wireless input.This feature is normally found on wired systems and is used to reduce false alarms.