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Pyronix Enforcer - 32 Zone Wireless Alarm System
Pyronix Enforcer - 32 Zone Wireless Alarm System

High Security Wireless
Burglar Alarm System

The Enforcer two way wireless system is the first truly high security wireless product on the market, where it can only be compared to an addressable wired system (but instead of using a wired bus it uses a wireless bus).

The Enforcer 32WE supports 32 wireless and 34 wired inputs, 2 wireless external sirens, 32 keyfobs and proximity tags, 75 user codes, 19 programmable and automation outputs and a large variety of wireless accessories.

The Enforcer 32WE is able to communicate to alarm receiving centres via a high speed PSTN or GSM modem. It combines unique automatic remote diagnostics features (ARM) for installers with the ability to communicate with the user via extremely user friendly SMS messages.

The Enforcer two way wireless technology is designed to ensure high security protection for users and simple and easy installation and maintenance for installers. Enforcer system uses narrow band 868MHz frequency and is able to reach up to 1.6km wireless range in open space.
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